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<p>Our great range of Log Cabins enable you to enjoy a professional garden office space without having to pay huge amounts for an extension or lose out on space at home. Not only are they cheaper than the average extension but they are quicker to erect and, some would argue, more appealing as a feature to your garden. </p>

<p>When we hear or read the word &lsquo;office&rsquo; we conjure up a picture of a harshly lit space with dull surroundings. Our Log Cabins provide the opposite of this. Our range of warm timber frames and traditional and contemporary designs create an appealing and comfortable space for you to work in a short distance away from the house. </p>

<p>A Garden Office is Ideal if you work from home, or need that little bit of pleasant space to organize your professional and personal life without the distraction of family, pets or the sometimes overbearing atmosphere of four concrete walls. </p>

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  1. 11x8 (3.5x2.4m) Windsor Delamere19mm Log Cabin
    21-28 Day Delivery 10 Year Warranty
    11x8 Windsor Delamere19mm Log Cabin
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