Each New Year brings a sense of rejuvenation into the world, often serving as the perfect motivation for people to get a head start on their New Year’s resolutions (as well as hunt for all the great New Year’s discounts!). Whether your goal is to get fit or finally start that home business you’ve been dreaming of, one of the best ways to get the New Year off to the right start is to dedicate a space for achieving your goals.

Adding a log cabin to your garden can offer the ideal amount of space you need whether you’re planning on building a home gym or home office, and the benefits begin with the affordable building materials. In addition to setting a rustic ambiance for those seeking to connect with Mother Nature, they are incredibly versatile buildings and can be a great change to your garden and the examples below show just some of the ways they can be used.

Log cabin uses

Home office

Whether you work from home or are planning to start your own business this year, adding a separate space to your property can be the perfect addition to your garden if you require a little more peace and quiet to focus. Also, adding a new log cabin to your own property is usually much more affordable than renting an office or building somewhere else.

As telecommuting continues to grow in popularity around the world, so will the need for a personal office space, and a new log cabin can serve as a superb working area with limited distractions, without being too far away from home. You can still look after the children, have friends over for your lunch break, and there are endless cups of tea available to help you through the day!

Be sure to also take advantage of the discounts available at office supply stores! The New Year is one of the best times to find deals on great office furniture and other equipment to get started on the right foot.

Fitness centre

The majority of us have the desire to stay in shape, but not all of us are fortunate enough to have the time, money, or motivation to follow through with this popular New Year’s resolution. Not only can gym memberships be costly, but actually finding the motivation to physically get to a gym can be difficult (traffic, equipment queues, and time constraints all add to discouraging us from going.). If you find yourself hitting this same wall year after year, maybe it’s time to consider building a personal gym space of your own, especially if you don’t have the space inside your home.

Like office furniture and supply stores during the beginning of the New Year, many sports equipment centres offer discounts on their equipment as well, so be sure to research what kind of deals they have available.

Family room

As families become more connected to their mobile devices than their own blood-relatives in this technology-driven age, finding ways to spend time together can be difficult. If one of your goals this year is to make more time for your family, a new outdoor room can serve as the perfect getaway from the rest of the world to enjoy evening meals, play games, or simply enjoy each other’s company.

Comfortable seating, such as bean bags or large cushions, may be all that’s needed to complete your family room, but depending on the size of the cabin, consider adding a table and dining chairs as well to make the space even more versatile.

Home cinema

We all know going to the cinema often costs much more than the price of a simple ticket. In addition to having drinks and food to enjoy during the show, we also have to worry about the crowd and available seating. For these reasons, it may be worth investing in a space to house your own cinema this New Year, especially considering the fact that cinema projectors have become more affordable within the past few years.

By investing in equipment to create your own home cinema, you can enjoy private screenings in your garden without having to worry about driving into town and nearly emptying your wallet to enjoy a film. Best of all, you’ll always get the best seat in the house!

So whether you’ve been yearning for your own private working space or want to impress your friends with a new gym or home theatre, a log cabin can be the perfect investment to turn your New Year resolutions into achievements!