The intention for cabin decor, whether traditional or modern, is to create a charming and cosy environment. Just the thought of a log cabin creates in the mind images of a little log house with a shake roof nestled by a lake amongst a grove of trees. The image likely involves a stone chimney with a bit of wood smoke puffing out. While this may be the image people think of on the exterior of a log home, it is really the interior of the log home that speaks to its charm. The styles that people use to decorate the log cabins are as diverse as the people themselves. The people make the cabin feel quite like home whether they use antique, traditional, or contemporary furniture. Other styles found in log homes may also include more modern or eclectic looks. The following log cabin decorations talk a bit about the different styles and how the styles can be incorporated in a log home or cabin.

Different decorative styles

Shaker style 

The homes and buildings of Shakers may not have been made from logs, in the style of log cabins and homes, but the Shaker style was and is suited well for a home made of timber framing or of clean-lined logs. The craft of cabinetry was surely perfected by the Shakers, allowing them to remove clutter from their living spaces. They used wooden pegs on walls to hang tools, hats, and even chairs; the assorted items of a simple life. The style is inspired by the goal of Shakers to create only items that fulfilled a specific purpose. This means the style lacks all unnecessary ornamentation. The beauty of Shaker furniture is in the simple form, colour, and the wood grain rather than in extraneous carving or turning. There is a scarcity of their work in today's market in part due to their belief in celibacy and reduced numbers of Shaker people, making furniture crafted by Shakers quite valuable. Fortunately for those looking to adopt a Shaker style in their log cabins, there are reproductions with the same clean lines and simple beauty available to those who want the Shaker look in their homes. These pieces include trestle tables, ladder-back chairs and rockers, as well as tall chests of drawers for furniture and woven baskets and bandboxes for accessories. The typical Shaker colours are red, blue, and chrome yellow.

Arts & crafts style

The handcrafted furniture produced in the Arts & Crafts style had a linear style that lacked ornamentation. This style is similar to the Shaker style in that the craftspeople relied on the beauty of the wood and the skill of the trade to bring out the beauty and comfort of the furniture. Everything in an Arts & Crafts style was to be handmade, including light fixtures made of copper and topped with mica shades and pottery that was thrown by hand. Simple embellishments of stylised leaves and flowers adorned woven curtains, table runners, and bed linens. The colours of the style are muted and natural. All elements of the Arts & Crafts style look right at home in a log home because the style echoes the log crafting and the colours of the forest, making the elements of this style perfect of timber and log rooms.

South-western style

A mixture of Spanish and Native American influences, adobe accents and terra cotta tiles are an earthy complement to the tones of warm wood logs. The furnishings of this style include carved Spanish Colonial wood tables and case pieces, cruciform carvings, and paint colours of sand, sunset, and sky all give the essence of century old missions. Dashes of colour are added with brightly coloured woven rugs on the walls and floors, handmade pottery reflects certain native talent, and Mexican silver adds sparkle, creating the ideal Southwest setting within log homes.

Modern style

Contemporary and modern decorating schemes fit well within log cabins. This style includes clean, sparse lines, wide windows, and furnishings that may be inspired by Scandinavian blond wood and chrome classics. Creating an open floor plan is part of the modern look with sleek touches like metal spiral staircases, glass block, and a stripped to the essence firebox and hearth. The type of lighting can make for a contemporary feel, including recessed lights and tapered torches, while stainless steel appliances in the kitchen feel modern. The look can be further created with neutral washes of paint and carefully edited accessories.

Eclectic style

The truth is that log cabins can accept a mixture of styles that may include a combination of Shaker simplicity and no-fuss country style, with elements of contemporary precision. Some owners of log cabins seek to fulfil their wide range of interests, creating a style that has no set rules. Regardless of the style of timbers used in a log cabin, this casual and eclectic style will fit.

What about the exterior of your log cabin?

First impressions

Colour is key. Choose flowers that bloom brightly in spring and summer. Bold yellows, reds, blues, and oranges could be a good, popular choice. On the other hand, if your cabin is situated in a less secluded spot, a more manicured look with the lawn would be good. Go for an organised look with nicely trimmed edges and ''planned'' beds. Even if you're away for lengthy stretches of time, relax! Part of the pleasure of coming home to your log cabin lies in cleaning up the garden, planning ahead for the season and getting joy out of your surroundings.

The porch

If your cabin has a porch, make it a feature of the whole cabin. A happy welcoming idea is colourful bunting around the balustrade, hanging plants with colourful spring and summer blooms, and to tone the colour back, a beige or grey couch with scattered cushions in various pastels. These days there are so many to choose from, whether you prefer the designs of well-known brands or your local shop. If you're budget-conscious, choose durable materials and make the cushions yourself if you enjoy that sort of activity. 

Cane furniture works well on porches where the emphasis is on relaxed, friendly interaction. Put a vase with cut flowers, whether they are a mixed arrangement or showing off only one variety from your own garden, on the table. A few earthenware or porcelain pots with bright blooms contribute to creating the perfect space for entertaining your family and friends. Keep it simple and informal. You want your porch to say ''Welcome to my home'.


Never forget to add a lovely, peaceful touch to your cabin by leaving hints of fragonia, sandalwood, rosebay, jasmine or lavender (all available in oils) on bed linen, fabric and bathroom curtains to enhance the atmosphere in your log cabin. Not too much however, a hint will do.