The beauty of a log cabin is the enormous number of ways you can use it. The typical image of a log cabin or summerhouse is a place to relax in the warm sunshine, and maybe to keep a deck chair or two. But there are so many more log cabin uses to choose from.

Consider whether it would be a good den for the children or a home gym with fitness equipment. You could turn it into a games room or entertainment centre, an office in the garden, or even a music studio. All these things are possible and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Different uses for log cabins

Home gyms

Add up all the money you’ve ever spent on gym memberships. A lot, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be so much better to get yourself some decent gym equipment and put it in your log cabin? Of course, it would.

All the bulky equipment would be out of the house. You’d have a great space to do your workouts in privacy without worrying that someone else can see your wobbly bits. In the log cabin you won’t have any interruptions, and on those days when your motivation is a little low, you’ll have that extra impetus of knowing that you only have to walk a few yards to get going.

Recreational space

If you don’t have a mansion, you probably don’t have space for a dedicated games room. The pool table won’t fit in the kitchen. Playing darts in the hallway is tricky. And your home cinema won’t quite fit perfectly in the living room unless you rip out the fireplace.

This is why you need a log cabin in the garden. Whatever your hobby, you can build the space around it. You could even create your own music studio or rehearsal space. Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters wrote songs for Dark Side of the Moon in a cabin in his garden, while Benjamin Britten composed the music for Death in Venice in his log cabin.

Space for the kids to hang out

Children have an unerring ability to spread their toys around the house while making enough noise to wake the neighbours… of your Australian cousins. It’s time to give them their own space – and a log cabin would be perfect.

They can make as much noise as they like, and they’ll spend a lot more time in the garden getting some fresh air. They’ll have the opportunity to gain some independence and can take responsibility for keeping their log cabin space neat and tidy.

Plus, if you create a room where they can watch movies or play games, you can always slip into it after they have gone to bed.

Garden offices

Fed up with trying to work from a desk in your bedroom? An office in your garden is the perfect solution. Instead of hiring office space or building an extension, you can use a log cabin. They’re quiet, free from interruptions and built for work so you don’t have any distractions.

You wouldn’t be the first - Roald Dahl wrote most of his books from his ‘writing hut’ while George Bernard Shaw wrote Pygmalion in a log cabin that was built on a turntable so it could be turned to face the sun all day. Arthur Miller, Philip Pullman, Virginia Woolf, Vic Reeves and Dylan Thomas all worked in log cabins in their gardens.

There are so many uses for a log cabin. Whether you’re a famous author, need space for your family, want to get fit or would like to pursue your hobby, a log cabin is an ideal solution that is both affordable and ideal.