A log cabin can add so much to a garden and your lifestyle. This ultimate of outdoor rooms can be used as a work area, a teenager’s den, a play room or simply a place to sit and relax. Before installing or making any log cabin just make sure you don't (or do!) need planning permission. The quickest way to getting an indication is a phone call to the council, explain exactly what you are planning and get their OK. It's also a great idea to chat to any neighbours who may be affected by the building.

You do need to plan a log cabin carefully as chances are you will want electricity and possibly water in your new building. It's always best to get these plans sorted before installation begins.

Once everything is in place, and whether you build your own or buy a ready-made log cabin, the foundations have to be solid. Any supports should be concreted in place. After the ground work is done, the nice bits can happen!

You can make a log cabin from timber but the intricacy of the joints depends on your level of skill. Always get help and take time to ensure all is constructed correctly. Always use quality materials as, once up, you don't want to be repairing or making do. Ready-made kits are available and can be slotted and fixed together. All timber is pre-cut, pre-treated and the job is easy. Even easier is to get an installation team to put the whole thing up for you!

Once up, you need all the utilities connecting and the whole thing needs insulating. Then it's a case of kitting it out according to its use.