Gardening Projects

  1. Applying for log cabin planning permission

    A garden log cabin is a terrific addition to most gardens but before you start realising your garden dream you need to stop and check if you need to get planning permission. Your first port of call is your local council. After an initial chat about your plans they will advise you of any particular circumstances surrounding your building. You may think your project is straightforward and it usually will be – but always check. It's also a good idea to chat to any neighbours who may be affected by the cabin. Get everyone on side from the start.

    You don't usually need planning permission for domestic outbuildings, as long as they are used for a domestic purpose related to your house. However, you may require planning permission if any of the following apply (the list is not exhaustive, so if in doubt please check with your local planning authority):

    • If you plan to erect the shed within 5 metres of any part of your house.
    • If the total area of the gr
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  2. How to build a log cabin

    A log cabin can add so much to a garden and your lifestyle. This ultimate of outdoor rooms can be used as a work area, a teenager’s den, a play room or simply a place to sit and relax. Before installing or making any log cabin just make sure you don't (or do!) need planning permission. The quickest way to getting an indication is a phone call to the council, explain exactly what you are planning and get their OK. It's also a great idea to chat to any neighbours who may be affected by the building.

    You do need to plan a log cabin carefully as chances are you will want electricity and possibly water in your new building. It's always best to get these plans sorted before installation begins.

    Once everything is in place, and whether you build your own or buy a ready-made log cabin, the foundations have to be solid. Any supports should be concreted in place. After the ground work is done, the nice bits can happen!

    You can make a log cabin from timber but the

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