Log Cabin Installation Service

Let’s face it, we are not all experts in DIY, and with today’s busy lifestyles we don’t always have time to work out what goes where and how everything fits together!

That’s why, here at Buy Log Cabins Direct, we are pleased to be able to offer you a  professional installation service for your new log cabin, leaving you with more time to spare for other activities. Let’s face it we make them so who better to assemble and install them?

Once you've made your purchase and selected our installation service, our installers will arrive on a specified day (3 to 5 working days after delivery), un-pack the log cabin and assemble it in your chosen location.  All we need you to do is make sure that a level and firm base is ready for the building to be assembled.

Log Cabin Installation Terms and Conditions

Supply - When we will install your garden building.

  1. Installations will be carried out 3 – 5 working days after delivery is made. Customers will be contacted prior to the anticipated installation date.
  2. Installations are carried out on weekdays only. We do not offer a Saturday or Sunday installation service.
  3. Customers are encouraged to accept the first delivery date offered as alternative delivery dates and stock availability cannot be guaranteed at all times.
  4. The installation will take between 1 - 2 days depending on the size of the cabin.

Installation Requirements - What we need you to do.

  1. Please ensure that a suitable base is provided for the log cabin that you have ordered. Due to the weight of our log cabins being between a tonne and a tonne and a half they need to be installed onto a solid, level surface. Acceptable surfaces include a 4 – 6 inch concrete base, a 6 x 2 pressure treated timber frame base and paving slabs. It is not possible to install a cabin directly on earth, grass or gravel.
  3. Please make sure there are no obstructions i.e. trees, objects or anything that will encroach on the working space.
  4. Please check that access to your garden will allow a clear passage for installers and product. Please ensure that the installation team have suitable space to park their vehicle.
  5. Health and Safety and insurance liabilities prevent us from entering your property for access and should you live in a flat we will only be able to deliver the building and will have to abort the installation.
  6. To ensure that the product in installed in the correct location and to your satisfaction is it important that you are available when the installation team arrive and when they have finished the building. The installation team will ask you to sign a customer satisfaction form. You should note on this form any problems that you have with the building at this point. If problems haven’t been noted at this point and a re-visit is required to resolve the problem you will be charged a call out fee.
  7. If you have a query or require any additional information regarding the delivery and installation of your garden building, then please contact a member of our installation customer services team on 0333 003 0517.

Aborted Installation - What happens if we cannot install your garden building. 

If the installation team arrive and are not able to complete the installation of your building for any of the following reasons: 

  • Suitable base is not available.
  • No suitable access to your garden or location of your base.
  • If you are not available at the property on the installation date.

The installation of your log cabin will be aborted and no refund can be given of the installation cost of your log cabin. The cabin will be left on site for self installation. If you still require the log cabin to be installed then the cost of the re-visit will be 50% of the original installation cost. If you are in any doubt of the any of the above please check with us prior to the date you have been given.