How to Build a Log Cabin

If you're considering building one of our log cabins for yourself, you will find this brief guide invaluable. Always first consult the plans and instructions so as to familiarise yourself with the task in hand. Once complete, you can enjoy your newly built log cabin and feel proud of your achievement.

Building a base for your log cabin:

There are several options available to you. Concrete or garden slabs are one option, but using a timber or plastic base kit has the advantages of being quicker to install. Also, if you need to move your log cabin, these base kits can be reused.

Plastic log cabin base kit:

  1. Firstly, prepare a firm and level area of ground
  2. Lay the base permeable membrane sheet
  3. Interlock the plastic squares as described in the instructions
  4. Fill the square hollow sections of the plastic base with gravel (not supplied)

Log cabin joists:

  1. Lay out all the components of the wooden frame
  2. Measure and mark the positions for the shorter cross-bearers, make sure these are evenly spaced
  3. Pre-drill where you marked
  4. Screw in the frame together
  5. Position the base on the plastic base

Constructing your log cabin:

  1. Read the instructions and then lay out all the parts in order on the ground
  2. Take the first two logs, interlock them and screw them down on to the corner - attach to the joists
  3. Repeat until you have completed four corners
  4. Check that all corners are level and square
  5. Lay floor boards
  6. Add insulation / under floor heating at this point, and lay a carpet / laminate flooring (Optional)
  7. Next, build the walls as before
  8. As the walls build up, cut outs will become apparent for windows and doors
  9. Once windows, doors and walls are at roof height place the final pieces across the doors
  10. If there is a roof frame this can then be attached
  11. Place support timbers or joists into the pre-cut slots on the roof
  12. Roof boards can be nailed down into position
  13. Add insulation to the inside of the roof (Optional)
  14. Cover the roof with felt provided or shingle tiles

Veranda (Optional)

  1. Construct in a similar way to the main cabin (see instructions)
  2. Slot logs together to build up walls
  3. Lay deck joists and floor boards