Advice for Shedworking in a Log Cabin

If you're considering working from home you're probably thinking about how you can effectively separate your family or home life from your work. Another concern might be about space, will you be able to set up a de facto office without it encroaching too much into your home. Also, will the boarders between work and home life blur?

One answer to all these questions is to set up your office in a separated garden building, like a log cabin. These are easy to put up and can be as big or small as you require.

Why would you use a log cabin as a garden office? What are the advantages?

  • Great separation between work and home life
  • No tedious commuting
  • Save money on fares, tickets or petrol
  • Saves you time
  • Provides a private space
  • Cheaper and quicker to build than an extension
  • You probably won't need planning permission (always check with your local planning office)
  • The additional space adds value to your home
  • You can enjoy inspiring views of garden

Won't I be cold in Winter?

Short answer... Not necessarily.

When choosing a log cabin for to use as a garden office, you need to think about which wall timber thickness is right for you. Ideally, you should buy a cabin with the tickest walls that you can afford. Generally, you should go for a log cabin with greater than 34 mm thick walls, as these will give better insulation. Also, you should opt for a log cabin with double glazing.

The majority of the heat in your log cabin will be lost through the roof or floor, so it's a very good idea to install insulation. To save room you could also install our electric under floor heating, this will require you to carpet or add a layer of wooden flooring over the top. These options will enable you to efficiently heat your log cabin, creating a comfortable working environment throughout the year.

How do I choose a Log Cabin?

It's easy to have a little contemporary garden office, with rustic appeal, at the bottom of the garden. If your garden is bigger you might even consider a log cabin with a storage room (or shed) attached.

Rutherglen Log Cabin

4 x 4m Rutherglen 34mm Log Cabin

This mid-sized log cabin is not only great looking, but also gives you the room you need to house your home office. With 14 sq m of space, you could easily fit two desks or have one desk and use the rest of the space as a relaxation area for the weekend.

Renwick Log Cabin

2.8 x 4m Renwick 34mm Log Cabin

This thinner log cabin is a great space saver and has a separate storage room. You can replace your tatty old shed with a stylish new garden building, but not loose any of your garden storage. When not used as an office, you can use the space for your hobbies.

Romanee Log Cabin

4 x 3m Romanee 44mm Log Cabin

This pent log cabin has thick walls and double glazing and will be snug in winter. The full length windows and double doors will ensure you get the maximum benefit of the natural light, as well as great views of your garden.

Valencia Log Cabin

7 x 4m Valencia 58mm Log Cabin

This large log cabin will comfortably house you and your staff or act as your office and al fresco dining room. The thick walls and double glazing will make sure that you are warm in winter. There are plenty of windows to make sure there is a good amount of natural light.