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Wanting to upgrade your garden building? Our selection of log cabin accessories will help you to create your perfect garden retreat.

To create a comfy environment, browse our efficient underfloor heating and insulation options. These allow you to use your log cabin all year round, without breaking the bank. Within our selection of log cabin accessories, we also have guttering options which can channel rain to your water butt.

Want even more space? Then consider getting a decked veranda, adding a great shaded area to relax in Summer.

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    Base Kits

    Our Log Cabin Base Kits provide the perfect foundation for any log cabin, constructed from heavy duty plastic that is both robust and 100% recycled, making it eco friendly.

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    Underfloor Heating Kits

    Our range of Log Cabin Underfloor Heating Kits are designed to heat your log cabin from the bottom upwards, with an under-floor design that can be hidden from view.

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